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April 5th, 2017

Denim is somewhat more of name of worship in our household, our collection categorised by colour, fit and age like a mini museum display.  Who doesn't have their go to jeans that pair so preloved and loved up the denim fade is real but we will call it vintage for article sake, the distressed rips are now actually distressed (sorry jeans) and dismissing the skinny fit for reality no fit no more.  

It's the denim the last so long in your kiddies wardrobe the only piece you can wear all the time and not worry whether people will notice, our love for denim allows us to wear it all day every day! Lets face it these days you spend decent cash for kids jeans so you want to get your money worth, BUT and there's a BUT what happens when you have expired your jeans that moment where you doubt it can't be worn no more.  

NEVER say NEVER bring your denim back to life with lapel pins the easiest and funniest way to include your kids personality into their outfits.  Unlike the 80's (ok don't pretend you guys weren't there LOL) today's pins cater for all kid ages and adults alike with loads of humour and attitude to match.


1. Unicorn Pin $12 USD

2. Comic Strip Smiley $12 USD

3. Fist Bump Pin $12 USD

4. Heart Cat Eyes $12 USD

5. Bubble O' Bill $12.99 USD

6. King Gold Plated Pin $10 USD

7. Queen Gold Plated Pin $10 USD

8. Holy Bat Pin $10

9. Always Hungry $9.99

10. Over It $9.99

Happy Hump day all and yes there's a pin for that too, till next time.