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June 3rd, 2016


Meet the dynamic duo, brother and sister from sunny California these two are true BFF! I've individually featured these two before on our Instagram #KIDCRUSH feature but without a doubt when these two are together their pics are magical.  Their fashion style is true street wear to a tee and you will see them both sporting these looks head to toe.  We love their natural playful expressions in the pics, it's not easy to capture that trust me I know I struggle with mine!!! 

I spoke to their mama to find out more behind her inspo for dressing her gorgeous minis:

What is Kingsley & Nylannah's Signature Look?

KINGSLEY look is all street wear...Usually distressed jeans and graphic tee layered with a denim vest or flannel shirt.

NYLANNAH look it's the black leggings with oversize tee or sweater and of course a TUTU.

Where is your favourite shop to buy right now?

Right now Nylannah is into wearing blazers as dresses so H&M is our fav store to shop right now along with a favourite small shop @little_fox_threads

What fashion piece are you loving right now on the kids?

I'm loving the distressed jeans on KINGSLEY from @mad_rad_threads and well it's the tutu from a small shop at OC Mall and her lack leather jacket from H&M 

For more of their style hit them up on instagram @iamsirkinglsy - KINGSLEY does a mean dance, the boy is a natural; and @nylannahrose for some serious cute attitude! 

Bubba no #3 is due to arrive any time now, we cannot wait to meet, we wish you all the very best! 

Which is your favourite look?

Happy Weekend all! 

Fiona xxx